Action Center

We are grateful for our partnerships with families, schools, donors, and the government of South Dakota in empowering and enriching education across the state. A valuable part of our program is the opportunity to share stories of educational success with the legislators and donors who continue to support tax credit scholarships.

Here are a few tips for communicating with legislators:

    • Communicate while legislation is in committee and subcommittees, as well as when it is on the floor. Legislators have much more influence over legislation with their committee or subcommittees.
    • Clearly identify the subject that interests you, not just House or Senate bill numbers. Remember, it’s easy to get a bill number incorrect.
    • State why you are concerned about the issue. Your own personal experience is an excellent place to start. Explain how you think an issue will affect your business, profession, community, or family.
    • Restrict yourself to one or two topics at most. Focus your remarks to a given topic.
    • Put your thoughts in your own words. Bulk prewritten statements often get overlooked and deleted.
    • Try to establish a relationship with your own legislators. In general, you have more influence as an actual constituent.
    • Legislators are regular people, so don’t be “star struck.” They are your neighbors and you can feel comfortable talking to them. Do present your position in a considerate manner. You don’t want to be seen as threatening in any way.
    • Understand that you are a single constituent and not a self-appointed spokesperson for a larger group. A “grass-roots” effort is important.

If you are willing to share your family’s story of how a tax-credit scholarship has benefited your education, please click the button below to find and contact your legislator. Thank you for your partnership!