About Us

South Dakota Partners in Education (SDPE) is a Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) that offers financial assistance to South Dakota families, empowering them to choose the educational opportunity that is best for their child.

SDPE exists to support South Dakota families in paying for their tuition at private schools in communities across South Dakota. Through partnerships with a growing network of over 45 schools around the state, SDPE provides income-eligible families of all backgrounds with financial support to attend the school of their choice.

Our Mission

At the heart of our mission is a simple belief: Parents deserve the opportunity to direct their child’s education. Education is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Each child learns in different and unique ways, and South Dakota benefits when children can thrive in their ideal learning environment.

Empowering families with the right and responsibility of choosing their child’s school strengthens their involvement in their child’s education. As a parent, when you’ve made the choice, you are determined to make it succeed. South Dakota Partners in Education tax-credit scholarships provide support for income-eligible families to make that choice in spite of the cost.

To accomplish our mission, we empower, engage, and enrich educational choice through dynamic partnerships.


Families are empowered with financial support and resources so they can choose the school that works best for their child. Schools are empowered to assist lower-income families in navigating the financial aspect of school tuition. Insurance company donors are empowered to provide additional education opportunities for the families in their community. Legislators are empowered to enhance the value of taxpayer dollars and to help make customized education opportunities available to students.


Families are engaged in the education process, giving them more control and helping integrate them into the school and community. Schools are engaged in additional outreach and customization for their students and families through the added access provided to families by SDPE. Insurance company donors are engaged in their community’s education as they create new relationships with schools. Legislators are engaged in continuing to build and support a customized education structure across all of South Dakota that empowers schools and families with choice.


Families are enriched through access to the optimal education environment for their children. Schools are enriched when parents have had the opportunity to make that school their choice. Insurance company donors are enriched as they play an important role in the education of the future leaders of South Dakota communities. Legislators are enriched by supporting and expanding education options through the South Dakota tax-credit scholarship program.

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